Offshore Company Registration

Our team takes care of creating of a company based on your needs, including confidentiality and financial optimization. The whole process is done remotely with only a few documents needed.

Offshore Company Formation and Registration by BizOptimo

Advantages of our Offshore Company Registration service

How to work with BizOptimo - Step 1

Confidentiality (bank secrecy)

How to work with BizOptimo - Step 2

Financial optimization (tax 0%)

How to work with BizOptimo - Step 3

Set-up and administration/maintenance can be done remotely

Customer profile

Small or middle size business or entrepreneur looking to optimize its tax burden. This solutions suits the best the so-called digital nomads, IT/business consultants working remotely or any existing business willing to relocate part of its business to pay less taxes.

Time frame

2-3 weeks for the company formation and 7-10 working days for the corporate account opening
Urgent request can be processed in 48 hours!

Price range

about 4’000 €- 6’000 €

Customer Profile for our Services at BizOptimo
Case Study - An example of our service - BizOptimo

Case study

How we helped our client

We helped a company dealing with website design and IT consulting to significantly optimize its business by establishing a foreign company with a structure focused on tax optimization.

Last year the company had a turnover of around half a million EUR and operated with margins of 25-30%. This year, they had planned turnovers one third higher and their budget allowed for steps promoting optimization.

Since the company has only two owners and works with contractors, we decided to set up a British company with minimal tax burden, allowing the profits being safely invested back into the business for further growth, or being distributed according the founders’ needs. The company was founded in one of the countries of the Great Britain with a 0% income tax rate. Together with the company we opened an account in Malta with a dedicated IBAN and clients’ deposit protection up to 100,000 EUR. The account was opened in an institution where one of the account features is sending and receiving crypto currencies on the company account, as well as paying for invoices in this way.

How we helped our client - BizOptimo
The Costs and Profitability for our Customer - BizOptimo

The price of the solution depends on the complexity of the business and the structure of the company, but at the beginning you need to prepare at least 4’000 €.

This solution is suitable for almost every type of business, while the ideal number of partners in the company is 1 or 2. Turnovers can also be an order of magnitude lower, so that the solution is still advantageous

Services related to Offshore Company Registration

Onshore Company Registration

Besides shelf and offshore companies you can also choose from a number of standard companies with a European VAT number. We will take care of the registration for you as well as provide you with all necessary fiduciary services such as: bank account opening, accounting, legal address, legal support…

Bank account opening

Thanks to years of experience in the field we are proud to provide bank account opening in several banks around the world (offshore bank or not) for both natural persons and corporate entities.

Electronic Money Institution (EMI) account opening

Fintech services have grown rapidly in the last few years and opening of an account with a reputable electronic money institutions have become extremely competitive, in some cases even more advantageous than a bank account.

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