Electronic Money Institution (EMI) Account Opening

Fintech services have grown rapidly in the last few years and opening of an account with a reputable electronic money institutions have become extremely competitive, in some cases even more advantageous than a bank account.

Wire Ranging Cooperation with EMIs by BizOptimo

Advantages of our Electronic Money Institution (EMI) services

How to work with BizOptimo - Step 1

Competitive price offering, confidentiality, wide range of services

How to work with BizOptimo - Step 2

Multi-currency account (including crypto)

How to work with BizOptimo - Step 3

Set-up and administration/maintenance can be done remotely

Customer profile

An individual or a company looking for banking-like services with better user experienced and less headaches.

Time frame

2-10 days

Price range

from 1’500 €

Customer Profile for our Services at BizOptimo
Case Study - An example of our service - BizOptimo

Case study

How we helped our client

We satisfied our customer request who wanted to get a personal account offering confidentiality and security while not being part of the traditional banking system.

In the last 10 years the number of Electronic Money Institutions have multiplied mainly due to more flexibility and less regulations comparing to a traditional licensed banks. What is more, they offer usual banking services such as multi-currency account, online management using internet banking, high-performance debit cards, online support, and more.

That is why we opened a personal account for our customer in a jurisdiction guaranteeing bank secrecy in the Caribbean zone connected to SWIFT and allowing him to receive both his savings and some commissions with discretion.

How we helped our client - BizOptimo
The Costs and Profitability for our Customer - BizOptimo

The account opening costed our client 1’000 €.

This solution is also suitable for anyone looking to open an account outside of his residence country in order to receive any stream of income to the account directly (e.g. Airbnb income, commission, etc).

Services related to Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs)

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