ECommerce Merchant Solutions

Our specialist will try to find the best merchant solution for your e-commerce, offering either a setup for your existing business or create a brand new full-package solution.

E-Commerce Payment and Merchant Solutions by BizOptimo

Advantages of our ECommerce Merchant Solutions

How to work with BizOptimo - Step 1

Merchant solution for online payments at affordable prices

How to work with BizOptimo - Step 2

Set-up and administration/maintenance can be done remotely

Customer profile

Merchant website who wants to reduce the transactions fees and/or who needs a dedicated solution for high-risk or offshore company.

Time frame

2-10 days

Price range

from 1’500 €

Customer Profile for our Services at BizOptimo
Case Study - An example of our service - BizOptimo

Case study

How we helped our client

We helped an ecommerce company with the need to optimize revenues, whose main business activities are sale of products and services online and in brick-and-mortar stores. We have set up a company together with an account and the ability to receive payments using a payment terminal.

The aforementioned company was consequently able to create payment links, connect its e-commerce business with an account and a payment terminal using the well-known Stripe service. Furthermore, the company used a payment terminal and a smart application recommended by us to collect payments from customers.

Last but not least, the company then sent these incomes to an account that was established together with the company.

How we helped our client - BizOptimo
The Costs and Profitability for our Customer - BizOptimo

The entire solution costed our customer 3’000 €.

This solution is usually even more suitable if the company is registered in an offshore jurisdiction because it makes the solution very cost efficient and better optimized from the taxation perspective.

Services related to ECommerce Merchant Solutions

Offshore Company Registration

Our team takes care of creating of a company based on your needs, including confidentiality and financial optimization. The whole process is done remotely with only a few documents needed.

Bank Account Opening

Thanks to years of experience in the field we are proud to provide bank account opening in several banks around the world (offshore bank or not) for both natural persons and corporate entities.

Electronic Money Institution (EMI) account opening

Fintech services have grown rapidly in the last few years and opening of an account with a reputable electronic money institutions have become extremely competitive, in some cases even more advantageous than a bank account.

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