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With 10+ years expertise in financial engineering, tax optimization, fiduciary & banking services.

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All our solutions are 100% accessible remotely so you do not need to travel to benefit from the best solutions offered worldwide.

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All our solutions are tailormade and efficient regarding your needs, to maximize benefits for your business.

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At BizOptimo, we care about your privacy and we will make sure to set-up the right level of confidentiality fulfilling your expectations.

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Thanks to our global network you will widen your chance of business optimisation and benefit from the best existing solutions on earth.

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Our legal team focuses on market intelligence to always improve our services quality and benefits we can provide you.

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The words of our CEO & Founder

“We are located in Riga (Latvia) and we have been providing first-class fiduciary services for more than 10 years. At our beginnings we were mostly benefiting from local advantages to serve both European & Russian customers as Latvia was the perfect bridge between two opposed but complementary financial systems.

Rapidly we broaden our customer portfolio by extending our services offering/catalog through different partnerships in various jurisdictions including offshore ones. We were at this point of time living the golden days of our business industry.

With the OECD signing on July 15th, 2014 the so called Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Information we understood immediately that something huge & quick was happening and we had to quickly react and adapt to cope with this disrupting change.

A new edge of our financial world was about to emerge and new players (EMI, PSP…) were about to appear and compete the old and established historical actors. This opportunity encourage us to develop new skills, aquire new talents within our team to gain in agility.

Today we can be proud of our hability for change, to have quickly strengthen our knowledges and acquired new competences and to be one of the leading company in our market offering always more comprehensive solutions to our customers!”

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